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Welcome to B2B Leads! Get familiar with this B2B lead generation tool and explore it's features.

B2B Leads finds highly targeted, United States based business-to-business leads by scouring the web and building your personal business leads database in any niche.


Business Categories

Categories is our growing list of business categories and is located on the navigation bar under "Find Leads".

You can browse the business categories by scrolling and paging through the results or narrow down the results using a keyword search.

Once you find a category that you would like to pull business leads from, click the "Find Leads" link in the grid and you will be redirected to the "US Leads" screen to begin collecting leads.

Your category will be pre-populated in the keyword box.

Add a City, State (or just State) to the location search box and click the "Search" button.

Your leads are gathered in real time, saved to your "Lead Vault" database and displayed in the grid below the search box.

Click the "Get More" button to continue to gather leads for the same search term and location or change your query and click "Search" to start a new search.


Find US Leads

US Leads is for searching for US based business leads by keyword as opposed to searching by category.

This is good if your niche is not yet populated in our categories database.

US Leads is located under the "Find Leads" link in the navigation bar.

You can see how many leads credits that you have used during the current billing period in the page header.

If you have used all your lead credits and would like to change to a larger plan there is an upgrade link in the header or you can CLICK HERE to upgrade your subscription now.

To begin searching type in a keyword and location in the search box then click the "Search" button.

B2B Leads will begin searching the web for FIVE STAR business leads that meet your search query.

A "FIVE STAR" lead is a lead that contains business name, phone number and an email address. They may also include a website URL and address.

Each search will take from 5 to 10 seconds because these leads are found in real time to insure they are the freshest leads available.

After about 5 to 10 seconds your leads are displayed in a grid below the search box along with a counter of how many leads this search produced.

All of these leads are saved to your "Lead Vault" database and are added to your leads count for the billing period.

You can search for additional leads by clicking the "Get More" button and this will continue to pull leads in batches up to 50 leads per search.


Lead Vault & Downloads

Lead Vault is your personal database of leads that you have found and gives you a total count of your leads database in the header.

From Lead Vault you can create a .CSV download file of your entire leads database by clicking the "Create Download File" button.

Your download file will be created and a link will appear in the header.

Click the "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD" link and save the .CSV file to your computer.

To create a tightly focused group of leads type in a keyword and/or location in the search box then click the "Search" button.

B2B Leads will search your leads for records that match your search criteria.

Searching your leads is much faster because they are contained in your leads database.


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